The Finest Dining at Emilia’s


by Daniel Ramirez on April 16, 2024 in Travels, Dallas/Fort Worth

Despite the perception and its occasional overlap with the truth, Texas does not adhere to a stereotype. Sure, there are plenty of places where “the sage in bloom is like perfume,” but the boot-wearing, horse-riding, cowboy-hat-wearing image isn’t always the norm (even if it is always welcome – it’s called ‘Texas Friendly’ for a reason).

Even in Fort Worth, where the ties to western and cowboy culture are so strong that it rightfully boasts its moniker of “Cowtown” and wears that name on its sleeve, there are elements cosmopolitan enough to compete with the haute couture and cultural arts scenes of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The lobby at Fort Worth’s Crescent would be at home in the Kimbell Museum of Art. 

And, at the center of these elements, sits The Crescent Hotel.

Opened in November 2023, The Crescent sits across the street from Fort Worth’s Cultural District. The area hosts the world-renowned Kimbell Museum, the state-of-the-art Dickies Arena, the National Cowgirl Museum, the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, and that is only scratching the surface.

The Crescent Hotel – A Work of Art, Itself

Artwork adorns the open and elegant design of The Crescent’s spaces, beginning with the commissioned piece that greets its guests. Photo courtesy The Crescent.
The hotel, rather than wrap its arms around the “Cowtown” aesthetic, opted to inherit the terroir of the nearby nexus of art. The Kimbell, known for its elegant presentation of art from the historic to the most avant-garde post-modern works, is perhaps the most prominent influence on The Crescent. The lines of the hotel’s exterior are modern and match the architectural standard set forth by the clean lines and elegant curves of the Kimbell’s design.

Much like its inspiration, The Crescent’s motif serves to highlight its own artworks. Some commissioned pieces line the lobby walls and check-in areas, while others are featured throughout hallways and meeting spaces. Everywhere one turns in The Crescent, the lines are clean, the light is ideal, and the eye is drawn to beauty.

The Circle Bar is named for the famous art collective that birthed the Cultural District, known as the Fort Worth Circle. From the curved lines and gilded accents to the light fixtures throughout the common areas, everything in The Crescent proclaims that while this is still Fort Worth, it is definitely the artistic side of Cowtown.

The Finest Dining at Emilia’s

The hotel is also the host to Emilia’s, a dining experience that would be at home in the fine dining capitals of the world. Service and execution are paramount here, with waitstaff, chefs and hosts alike all dedicated to the same level of perfection as The Crescent’s designers and founders.

The décor in Emilia’s is as breathtaking as the food. 
Cocktails and small bites outperform their portions with drama and flair. The asparagus ‘fries’ and raw shellfish offerings are not to be missed, with their eye-catching presentation, but the highlight of a visit happens on Sunday mornings, when The Crescent’s newly-launched Jazz Brunch takes the festivities into the courtyard for al fresco dining with a New Orleans panache, where menus reflect the whimsy of both setting and season.

The Crescent’s Blue Mood

And, if one craves a more curated dining experience, Emilia’s welcomes you to its very own “blue period” with a separate restaurant within the restaurant. Tailored to its chef’s most opulent expressions and with a flair and detail that could soon invite the attention of the James Beard Foundation, The Blue Room must be seen to be believed. It truly is as though you’ve set foot in an entirely different era, perhaps the roaring 20s, where impeccable service is one of the tenets, a mere few steps from the masterworks that are Emilia’s and their hotel.

The Crescent’s ‘blue period’, The Blue Room dining space, apportioned by lighting that Wes Anderson would envy. 

Not to be overlooked in all that The Crescent has to offer with its luxurious spaces, exquisite dining and proximity to Fort Worth’s best cultural jewels, the property boasts one of Fort Worth’s most extravagantly apportioned fitness centers and day spas. Canyon Ranch, a national luxury wellness branch, operates perhaps its most stylishly implemented iteration, with classes and equipment for every expression of health, from hot yoga and spin classes to thera-guns and even an impact-reduction treadmill. Combined with an exclusive day spa and your getaway doesn’t have to be a departure from your exercise goals or your self-care.

With its clean lines and creative soul, The Crescent offers all the benefits of being in the cultural center of Cowtown, while transporting its guests to the most metropolitan experiences anywhere in the United States.